NethServer 7 rc1 upgrade from 6.7

First of all, I know its early and upgrades are the least of y’all’s worries right now. I would like to upgrade several installs of 6.7. Since I assume there is no way to do that, is there a simple way to copy the objects under “en-US/FirewallObjects#!FirewallObjects_Hosts”? In particular, these objects:

  1. “Hosts”
  2. “IP ranges”



We will work on a migration path soon.
If you need to copy these objects, simply copy the db files.
From /var/lib/nethserver/db dir:

  • fwobjects
  • hosts

Isn’t just the hosts database?


I just looked in the file and see this as the header:


This file is automatically maintained by NethServer

configuration software. Manually editing this file may put your

system in an unknown state.

What happens if I change it?

Your changes will be wiped out on the next reboot. There’s nothing to stop you from copying the file.

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Probably yes, but the rules usually use other objects :wink:

So if I’m reading this right (“Your changes will be wiped out on the next reboot”), then copying then copying the db files /var/lib/nethserver/db (fwobjects and hosts) won’t net me any positive results because they will be wiped out upon reboot?


You can copy the database files (hosts, fw*), and its content will remain there even after a reboot.
But manually editing the files is to be avoided as wrong formatting or wrong settings could screw up the server.
The server could also be screwed if the database structure of different NethServer versions differ.

Hi, @ArchParks. Devs are working on it, take a look at

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