Nethserver 7 on Pine64 (aarch64)

Continuing the discussion from Nethserver on Raspberry Pi:

finally i’ve received my Pine64+ so i’ve tested installation of ns7 (and synced repo of armhfp and aarch64)

thanks to @mark_nl for his work on installation script and @umiddelb for making installation of centos7 possible on pine64

for the most courageous this is the report of my first (not really so clean) installation :confused:
but at the end, it seems to work :innocent:
all packages in software center should be tested…

note that installation is on Pine64 but theoretically it should work on any aarch64 after installed centos7 (which has also an official epel repo)

please report back if you test it or even better if you can help :grin:


Looks very cool. I hope that @arm_team can help with this
@denis.robel :point_left: