Nethserver 7 - Nextcloud Internal Server Error

NethServer Version: 7.9

I just installd 7.9 from scratch and after that nextcloud but I cannot login as suggested in the wiki:


My Server:

Internal Server Error:

How can I fix it?

P.S. The Server is AD-Member of a Windows Server 2019 DC

May be reboot will be gut?



Can you be more specific pls? The Wiki has no Nextcloud instructions, but does have your issue mentioned

Hi @fausp

You did not say if you configured the NextCloud in any way for an AD on Win2019…
Normally, AD integration will work, AFAIK only if AD is the same NethServer. Otherwise you will need to “tune” the settings to match your AD.

Another caveat is the fact that PHP and Java (Nextcloud uses PHP) web applications are fussy about TLS/SSL issues. NethServer’s AD can use a valid LE certificate, but what about Windows?
This is often an unexpected dealbreaker!

My 2 cents

Please check howto:nextcloud [NethServer Wiki] , maybe the database isn’t running?
As the internal Nextcloud admin can’t login, does it work with an AD user?
Maybe it helps to reconfigure NC:

signal-event nethserver-nextcloud-update

Please check the Nextcloud log for more info about the error.

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I think I got 99% to work, I just logged in with the nextcloud-admin befor I joined the Windows Domain.

I am now able to use Nextcloud Talk with the AD-Users, there is just one error when I try to bind an external Storage. Looks like the ugly error befor:

No extra step is needed to get the AD-User under Nextcloud. Just join the Nethserver to the Windows domain and you should be able to login with AD-User credentials.

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To possibly get more meaningful error details search the nextcloud log for the request ID (pointed by “Anfragekennung”).

Good to know…

Just I would never dream of joining a Linux to a Windows AD - only the other way around!

And if clients want NethServer joining their Windows AD, you may ask?
Simple, they look for a different guy…


My 2 cents

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I did a test with Nethserver 8, joined it to a Windows Domain but the Fileservice does not work!

For the Developers, is it possible to get this feature:
Nethserver 8 as a Domain Member and Fileserver on the same machine?

Join Debian in Active Directory Domain

Just because stupid things can be done, doesn’t mean I have to do it.
It’s like Social Media “Challenges”…

I don’t subordinate to Windows, simple.
There are other people who do that.

I have no problems with AD. I’ll connect Debian to a Linux AD anytime.

→ NS8 should still be able to connect (and work!), on that I agree.

Luckily, I don’t have to accept jobs that go against my principles.

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