Nethserver 7 EOL

I see that Nethserver 8 is now underdevelopment and will not have any type of firewall witch would make it useless for us. So My question is does nethserver 7 have and EOL date set yet?

30 june 2024

The same EOL of CentOS7

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I hope that the development team will change its mind. There is no need for another container or VM container solution, because there are good solutions like Proxmox. The strong point of Nethserver is the fully integrated easy to set up email/nextcloud/firewall/user management solution.

The development team should drop this directory and keep the strong point of nethserver.

@carsten why do you require the dev team to change its mind.

the new NS8 solution is merely offering the same functionalities of the old system albeit, considering that technology has evolved significantly since Centos7 initial release, and right now a number of projects and solutions are moving towards Automated Deployments and containerization.
In my understanding, what they are implementing and doing, is moving with the trends of technology, so that the software can offer a much better and longer EOL (LTD release) without major work on subsequent future versions.

I dont think @dev_team or NS8 in general is trying to compete with Proxmox or similar, as well as solutions like Truenas Scale. while they are aware these are potential competition on basis of current feature they offer, which somewhat colide in a small bit, it would be differentiated, byt being a single solution to handle a small business, or even a complex, large business, that needs interconnected solutions to just work.


What, of anything the devs have said, makes you think that NS8 is going to be anything like Proxmox, Portainer, or any other container orchestrator? Because I’ve seen them explicitly say otherwise on multiple occasions.

…and so it is intended to remain (with the possible exception of firewall). There will be fundamental architectural differences in how NS8 accomplishes this compared to NS7 and prior–the e-smith database and template system, after serving well for over 20 years (and some of us have been using it for most of that time), is being retired in favor of a container-based software installation and management system–but everything I’ve seen from the devs sounds like NS8 is going to be comparable to NS7 in terms of what it does. Though the prospect of clustering is intriguing.


oh i love the clustering, its innovative and fantastic, at vm level.
i saw recently that the ldap module is ready and they is possibility of having active, active or active backup ldap implemented. which is fantastic, you are now sure, your systems wont go down in terms of login, because ldap or AD is down. hopefully similar can be achieved with SSO toold like LLNG, or whatever choice they pick for that.

I haven’t seen any indication that “they” are going to pick anything, or in any way implement SSO–if they were going to do it, it should be done at the outset, and all the other apps set up to integrate with it. But, as you’ve already observed, LLNG supports multiple LDAP servers, so if NS8 has a way to synchronize multiple LDAP servers (and thus have a backup when one fails), LLNG should handle that.