Nethserver 7 end of support


I think Nethserver 8 may be released slowly. When is this expected?

I ask because maybe someone can tell me how long Nethserver 7 will be supported when Nethserver 8 is released?

Is it possible that Nethserver 7 support ends with CentOS 7 support on 06/30/2024?


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Hi @steve

Nethserver 6 is still supported, so will Nethserver 7. There won’t be any more updates, AFAIK.

My 2 cents

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Do you mean that there will be no more OS updates, but Nethserver 7 will still be supported?

That’s good news, thanks.
I’d love so much a detailed elaboration of that sentence.



I did already say there won’t be any updates, same is valid for NethServer 6.
But you can still ask questions here on the Forum, and it’s likely you’ll get an answer!

I am not talking about Centos or RedHat (RHEL7), that information can be found on their pages…

  • RedHat doesn’t pay anything, why should I support a commercial product for free?
  • Besides which, why should I bother checking up if they again retracted existing statements?

My 2 cents

I’m sorry Andy but this wording

due to the statement of RHEL and CentOS project is misleading to say the least.


  • backporting of kernel patches
  • backporting of security patches
  • upgrade of packages to the latest available releases

stating this

might be defined “fraud”, for a software sold to any customer.

More on that, forum support, from volonteers or developers of the distro is not mandatory. So the wording

being really kind, is misleading and inaccurate.

I’d consider accurate and careful rewrite of the whole post.

As current declation from the developers, Neth7 will be still supported until CentOS7 will be supported from Redhat.

yes support will end on 30 june 2024, nonetheless you could not expect heavy development to NS7, we are in a quite maintenance way.



Where do you read updates in the word support?

Maybe in Italian there’s NO difference, but Support and Updates are NOT the same thing in english.

When Software is EOL there will be no more updates, it’s reached End Of Life.

That does not mean there is no support.

I did not say anything about “commercial” support. This is the Open Source version, this is an open source project, with best efforts by the community. The same reason you and I are both engaged in this community!

My 2 cents

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Nethserver 7 is a well-developed solution, I think it meets the current needs.
I am worried about how long it will be supported if a problem arises during its use. But I think everyone is interested in that.

Since Nethserver 8 has not yet been released and is expected to be tested by users, I will only plan the transition after that. This is also important because I am not yet familiar with Nethserver 8 and its solutions, and whether it will meet their expectations at all.

Thank you for your answers.