NethServer 7 Celebration Shirt!

With the forthcoming arrival of NethServer 7 Final I’d like to celebrate with a celebration shirt.
These are some drafts, what do you think?

- 1

- 2

- 3

- 4

- 5

- 6

- 7

- 8

- 9

- 10


We are the robots :robot:

We are the robots :dancer:


i prefer 7

I love all shirts

They are all cool, but Nr. 5 or 6 would be my favorite! :heart:

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number 3 is cool… i think i might like a black version.

Just added bi-colors versions 8-9-10

bi-color looks great. I’ve to change my favorite to nr. 9!
@alefattorini I’d take some. Send me the bill! :smile:


How good! That’s my selection too

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I agree with @flatspin, number 9 is also my favourite (only thing is, I am not a big fan of t-shirts and prefer wearing traditional collar and cuff styled shirts).

I like 5 and 6! Blue is my favorite color.

Yup…9 seems good. Uniformity on the previous I Love NethServer shirt.

I like 9 also. Cool.

I like no. 5… Nethserver Color :wink:

I like 1 and 2

9 is the best now :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not, I just use. But I could wear one of those just to spread the word! Black one would be great too as suggested by ssabbath. One more thing: it’s winter now so nobody will see my T-shirt before next spring. Could it be a sweatshirt project too?

*#5, #8 and #9 are my favorites.

Voted 9 :smile:

What do you think?

@Jim only for you :slight_smile:



it looks very good. Where can i order these parts? The cup in normal size and the shirt in 5XL please.