Nethserver 7 bruschetta as gateway


I’m new to nethserver. I tried nethserver 6.8 and succeeded to install it as a gateway server with cups, vpn, proxy, dhcp, DNS, webfilter,… But the only thing i missed was custom raid 's when installing.

So i checked nethserver 7 and i like the way you can install it with customization for the raid disks (thumb up).

But when i configure the server No traffic go 's from green to the red interface i need to install static routes? or what is going wrong?

My red interface is DHCP my green interface is gw (router interface) DNS ; is this correct?

Or can someone write a “little” howto?


As the gateway on GREEN points straight to the router the traffic bypassess the RED interface.

You can leave the gateway field on the GREEN interface blank. Then the traffic will go through the RED interface which will communicate with the router.

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Hi @bajan

The Red interface must be connected to the Internet router on the same class ip (192.168.x.x) and must have as a gateway the router IP.
The Green interface is the interface where you are connected to your PC / devices, has no gateway and normally has the dhcp active.

The network red and green network must have different classes (eg. Red 192.168.1.x and green 192.168.0.x).

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As Vincenzo points out GREEN and RED interfaces on different subnets.

For example:

  • RED: as dhcp (it will be assigned an IP on the same subnet as your router: 192.168.1.x)
  • GREEN:
  • DNS:,

To make NethServer act as the DHCP Server for your LAN (green) remember to check the option in Configuration -> DHCP -> DHCP Server


Hi @bajan,

you 've solved the problem or need more information?

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No thnks, everything for this problem is working fine now. Thnks Vincenzo
The problem was (i think) that my both interfaces where configured in the same net

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