NethServer 7.7 Cockpit Edition released

I guess this Announcements item is the “press release” of

Right, @alefattorini?

Is “Cockpit Edition” anything different from the 7.7 release?

No, I think. This is just a press announcement…

@alefattorini is it going to be posted also on ?

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This is stretching the truth a bit I would say.

yep my server has been upgraded … this is good.

What’s missing? I can add “almost” if you you feel better :smiley:

Yep, working on it and sending a newsletter to all our members and press

I just collect a long list of difference from 7.6 . for who’s not following the community

I hope this is not taken in any offensive way, the work done is tremendous.

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dhcp server is not available on the new interface…i had to switch to old interface

you can do it with cockpit. For example go to en01. On the right side is a button configuration. There you can activate and configure the dhcp options.



I’ve installed latest updates, but don’t get an upgrade button. :confused:

What mandatory software is needed, before you get the upgrade button?

Netherver Subscription - add that and refresh the software center.

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I would like to thank for the truly fantastic job done with cockpit integration, this software now really features enterprise-grade looks!

Well done!!!


I also am not seeing the “Upgrade”?

I received the ‘warning’ about the 7.7 release and when I looked at the ‘PackageManager_Configuration’ there was no option to change updates origin to “Locked” (not that I was going to);

I updated all the software - now on:
NethServer release 7.7.1908 (final) / Kernel release

I checked the subscription (valid and current); I rebooted; checked and there is no “cockpit.service” installed.

The Software Centre shows the “New Server Manager (Beta)” available to install. Should I just be doing that? This is a production server so didn’t want to ‘experiment’ too much.


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It is safe to install the new Server Manager on existing systems, as stated by the Release notes:

The new Server Manager implementation based on Cockpit reached Beta stage and is available by default on new installations. Existing systems can add the new Server Manager module from the Software Center page.

Thank you @davidep - I should never assume things are auto and should read more :frowning:

It is installed and up now.

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How are you friends?

In love more and more with NethServer, I will review the Spanish translations and correct some details in them.


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