NethServer 7.7.1908

Today, we’re happy to announce that NethServer 7.7 has been released and is publicly available.

Download and install

The ISO is already available for download:
All repository mirrors will be synced in the next few hours.

Upgrade from NethServer 7.6.1810

The update process is now available from the Software Center.

First step:

Second step:

:warning: After the upgrade, reload the Server Manager web page from your browser (Ctrl+Shift+R or similar) to fix the new style sheets.

Manual upgrade

To run it manually:

yum clean all
yum update
signal-event software-repos-upgrade

Is there anyone who can test it in a Hyper-V environment and see if I need to install LIS?

tnx for the 7.7.1908 release! :raised_hands:

i have upgraded a vm to the rc1, on 2012R2 without lis and without problem with kernel 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7.x86_64


Time for an official release statement (and blogpost)??

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AFAIK @alefattorini is working on it.

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I’m working on it a lot of things changed since 7.6

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i think RC is available now. It works very good here. Many thanks to all the peoples who spend us this wunderfull OS.

Thank you!



After download and checked
the MD5 is OK but SHA1 is mismatch 6466e4896586530f9d2138b35c5502a2bd73abad


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It was an error in our web site! Thank you for pointing it out!

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Noted and Thank you

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Howto upgrade from 7.6 to 7.7 ?

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Hi @fausp, please be patient! The system upgrade button will appear next Tuesday after a Software Center RPM update release.

Stay tuned!

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Sorry, please forgive me my ignorance. I tought it’s now ready for upgrading…

@fausp the upgrade is ready, see the first post! :wink:

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And restore data under NethGUI is dead.

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Sir yes Sir - :+1::smile:



Yes, the old interface had many bugs and raised a lot of support tickets.
It was an announced change, see
The information is also present inside the release notes.


I will try it next weekend :slight_smile: but my Nethservers runnung in VMs under XCP-NG. So i will be save and build a snapshot befor :wink:
More results on Monday …