NethServer 7.5 ISO

(fpausp) #1

Is there a timeline for NethServer 7.5 ISO ?

(Davide Principi) #2

No, afaik RHEL 7.5 is still on beta (since January)

Why are you asking for it?

(James Nesbitt) #3

Looks like RedHat 7.5 could potentially be released towards the end of this year according to

(fpausp) #4

Thanks for your Infos, I may better ask for the next ISO, not for 7.5, sorry. The reason is a fresh install needs many update-packages…

(Davide Principi) #5

Usually a new CentOS minimal ISO release reaches quickly the state where about 100MB of updates are required: the next kernel, the next glibc and you have 100MB of updates. So a new ISO does not solve the many updates issue!

(fpausp) #6

OK, I did a quick test. Installation took 5 min, what is very nice :grinning:

The updates, atm, need:

Transaction Summary
Install    5 Packages (+3 Dependent packages)
Upgrade  146 Packages

Total download size: 188 M

OK, that is not really a problem. I was just curious. Thank you…