NethServer 7.5 ISO

Is there a timeline for NethServer 7.5 ISO ?

No, afaik RHEL 7.5 is still on beta (since January)

Why are you asking for it?

Looks like RedHat 7.5 could potentially be released towards the end of this year according to

Thanks for your Infos, I may better ask for the next ISO, not for 7.5, sorry. The reason is a fresh install needs many update-packages…

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Usually a new CentOS minimal ISO release reaches quickly the state where about 100MB of updates are required: the next kernel, the next glibc and you have 100MB of updates. So a new ISO does not solve the many updates issue!

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OK, I did a quick test. Installation took 5 min, what is very nice :grinning:

The updates, atm, need:

Transaction Summary
Install    5 Packages (+3 Dependent packages)
Upgrade  146 Packages

Total download size: 188 M

OK, that is not really a problem. I was just curious. Thank you…