Nethserver-7.5.1804 + proxmox: clients with Internet connection problems

Hello, my name is ernesto and I live in Cuba and I am a network administrator of an educational network in which I have installed nethserver-7.5.1804-x86_64. The problem is that I have it virtualized in proxmox that has been practically a physical machine, but the problem is not that. The problem is that one day is working well and the next day there is no internet in some pc and in others if, I check and everything is normal. How is it possible that one pc has internet and the next one does not? At first I thought it was MAC Validation (IP / MAC binding) and I deactivated it but I still have that problem. Today my server is on but neither my machine gives way to the internet, I have already restarted and the problem continues, can someone help me?


@Ernesto_Lorenzo_Sord, sorry to hear about your issues. But there are so many factors involved. Would you be willing to grand temporarily SSH aacess to one of us? For having a bad internet access for kids ina school is something I do not like.

I trust some people here, and it helped me a lot by granting them access to my systems under a temp root password.

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Can you give us some infos about your configuration please.

  • what is your DNS-Server?
  • what are the DNS settings at nethserver?
  • is nethserver DHCP?
  • is Nethserver AD?
  • is Nethserver a proxy?
  • if yes, did you activate some filters
  • how is the network of the clients configured?