Nethserver 6.7 with webmanager passthrough sata controller to vm

Ok, I have decided to build out a vm/file server based on nethserver 6.7. I was waiting for a centos 7 release but it taken too long so latest stable release here I come. But as I want to have a vm server I want to use the webmanager for it. How would I pass through the pci sata card to a open media vault vm , so I can use btrfs pools for my file server?

Is it possible.?



Yes I have read that. I was asking first if there is anything different I need to do for nethserver?
Also I am still confuse how to edit the vm file to do the pass through.

You can do it as in any other standard CentOS :slight_smile:

You can manually edit the files under /etc/libvirt directory or use a GUI client like virt-manager.
I can’t suggest more since I’ve never used PCI pass-through in libvirt.

thanks, what I will do, and I was going to do that anyway, is I will setup a test VM and see how it works first. than I can try building out the real hardware.
so far I see some issues but it mostly logistics not true system issues per see.

  1. when I do setup, it picks up the drives and if raid is chosen just use all the drives it see. this mean for me that I will have to unplug all drives from my system except the ones I want to use for system build. its’ more of annoyance than a real issue :-).
    but the good part as I see it, it let me setup a spare drive

  2. is related to 1, is using LVM by default. I do not really like LVM and don’t know how to use/maintain it. again, more of annoyance than a real issue :-).

really wish I could wait till you have a release build on CentOS7 base. it would solve some of my issues better.

PS: I don’t remember is Already mentioned this somewhere but I tihnk that system like Neth Server should provide a list of interfaces and IPs at boot login screen. I know that with interactive setup you are asked for IP settings but still would be helpfull.
also a console from webui