NethServer 6.10 ISO released

(Davide Principi) #1

NethServer 6.10 has been released!

This is a maintenance release and contains all the fixes from the previous NethServer releases. Please, read the Release notes for details. This release is based on CentOS 6.10. CentOS 6 will receive security updates until 2020-11-30.


  • ISO 493MB SourceForge.netTorrent
  • MD5: 74a7c7983b0fe8927820efb8ccba9174
  • SHA1: 47a53e045d431a1b77a83e85ea43af8da5f26ca7
  • Torrent InfoHash: 347296FD04BF3BFD9E08D642CE1CD7EDD4C2CFA6


A NethServer 6.9 installation can be upgraded from the Software Center page. Reboot the machine at the end of the update procedure.


Thanks to @giacomo @mrmarkuz @pike for building and assuring the quality of the rc1 ISO

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