NethSecurity Zones

Hello, is planned in NethSecurity to manage Blue and Orange Zones like NS7?

Both zones are “already there”, you need to create them using the Zones & Policies menù, selecting their behavior to allow traffic source and destination.
In beta 2, if you name them dmz and guests you’ll get the right colors (orange and blue).
The plan is to create the zones with the right policy using a button.

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I’ve tried to update the doc.

@sarz4fun does it look clear enough firewall: add dmz and guests zone by gsanchietti · Pull Request #54 · NethServer/nethsecurity-docs · GitHub ?

So both BLUE and ORANGE must be manually created from scratch, instead of simply picking the role from a template.
As UX is inferior to the predecessor and allows to make more mistakes during the setup phase.

Great! Thank you.