Nethsecurity - VPN IPSEC Natted

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: Nethsecurity

Hi everyone,
from a customer I need to create a nattato vpn ipsec tunnel. r Client network 192.168.1.x destination network 10.10.0.x, the need is to show up in the vpn tunnel with network nattata 172.16.10.x then will correspond to
Is it possible to carry out the configuration?

Thanks a lot to everyone

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Hi @andrea.perini

AFAIK both IPSEC and OpenVPN can handle a 1:1 NATTING.

The NethServer GUI in Cockpit does not have any options for the above scenario, which is way beyond what a normal SME (Small / Medium Enterprise) would need.

As such, it would be far easier to allow the network to access the network. This could be done in the GUI of NethServer within 5 minutes…
What needs to be done on the other side I cannot say, as I have no information about the other side, or why do you need to use 1:1 NAT, which is VERY unusual!

You can do 1:1 NAT by hand, eg: doing your own config files, but it is not something for a quick 5 minute job or the faint of heart! I’d say you’ld be more or less on your own from here, as most people have never used this!

I’d suggest evading 1:1 NAT if anyway possible!

My 2 cents

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Did you manage to solve the problem? I’m having the same difficulty.