NethSecurity RC2 is ready 🛡

We are excited to announce the release of NethSecurity RC2.
This Release Candidate 2 is a maintenance release and focuses on bug fixes and streamlined experiences.

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:new: Updates

New features and improvements

  • Firewall rules: improved display of rules section.
  • FlashStart: added DNS resolution functionality after service disabling.
  • Dashboard: enhanced card organization and added links.
  • Routes: enabled creation of routes without gateway.
  • Autoreload VPN pages: implemented automatic data reload every 10 seconds.
  • Migration to vue-components lib: migrated components and utils to vue-components.
  • UI: set rpcd timeout to 300 seconds to support long running tasks.
  • DHCP: introduced network scanning feature.
  • User database: sorted users by username and ensured consistent execution of LDAP queries.
  • DHCP: enabled force option by default for DHCP servers, exposed the option in the UI.
  • OpenVPN road warrior: implemented sorting of OpenVPN road warrior users by username.

Bug fixes

  • Firewall rules: resolved glitch displaying incorrect content.
  • FlashStart: fixed DNS resolution failure post service disabling.
  • Routes: prevented editing of IPsec rules.
  • IPsec: validated remote/local networks to avoid duplicates.
  • Port forward: corrected reflection option label.
  • Migration: ensured proper import of host groups into firewall rules.
  • Firewall rules: allowed insertion of custom IP addresses.
  • Threat shield: apply changes to allowlist immediately.
  • Migration: improve IPSec option migration and allow editing of imported IPsec tunnel.
  • OpenVPN road warrior: resolved issue with user recreation from LDAP.
  • Fixed axios error when committing changes.
  • OpenVPN road warrior: fixed issue with bridged configuration.
  • IPsec: improved handling of multiple networks with a single tunnel.
  • Zones: fixed radio buttons IDs in Zones page.
  • FlashStart: fixed ineffective redirect rule.
  • Controller: refined behavior based on subscription presence.
  • Firewall: updated ipset after IP address removal.

Full changelog is available inside the issue tracker

:face_holding_back_tears: We need your feedback

Your feedback is still very important to further refine NethSecurity in preparation for the upcoming stable version.
Join us in shaping the future of IT security.

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:question: Why NethSecurity?

With the release of NethServer 8 we abandoned the UTM firewall module included in version 7. Still, we wanted to continue helping those who used NethServer as a firewall gateway in their network. So we decided to create a new Linux open-source project that is highly focused on the firewall, and NethSecurity was born, which is basically a NethServer spinoff with a completely new technological stack.



I’m using Nethsecurity now for a few weeks and it is stable (i’d no issues so far)
Still learning how to set all the parameters, but this just takes time.

Is it possible to show the list of blocked IP’s
I’d some filters enable which blocked some sites which are normal sites, but i can not see it is blocked or by which filter in Threath Shield

In ClearOS i had something like this

Any idea when the stable release will be released ?

Keep up the good work !!

Yes, from the Logs page: search for banIP.*drop and look to the SRC= or DST= field.

Having a page with a recap of blocked IP will probably be added to future reports.

As soon as all open bugs will be fixed.

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That would be a great feature with a whitlelist or unblock button

You can already use the allow list from the UI: Threat shield — NethSecurity documentation