NethSecurity project milestone 8.1 is ready 🛡

We are excited to announce the release of NethSecurity project milestone 8.1: image version 23.05.3-ns.1.1.0.

:thinking: What is a “Project Milestone”?

For the previous NethServer 7 product line, we announced every minor release corresponding to an upstream release of the operating system, providing ISO images.

With NethSecurity, our approach has evolved. We now aim to release new images in two scenarios:

  1. when OpenWrt releases a new version
  2. when we introduce significant features or critical bug fixes

This strategy ensures that NethSecurity users always have access to the latest improvements and security updates. It does not need a reboot and there is no service interruption.

:arrow_up: Updating NethSecurity

Both update methods use the UI and result in the same updated system. The only difference is in how the dashboard displays the version number.

Option 1: Package Update

  1. Navigate to the “Updates” page
  2. Click the “Check for fixes” button
  3. Apply all available updates

This method updates individual packages without changing the displayed version in the dashboard.

Option 2: Full Image Update

  1. Go to the “System” section in the UI
  2. Use the image-based upgrade procedure
  3. Select the new NethSecurity 8.1 image

This method updates the entire system image and will show the new version number in the dashboard.

Remember: Despite the difference in displayed version, both methods result in an identical, fully updated system.

:fire: Release highlights

NethSecurity 8.1, brings a bunch of improvements:

  • Extensive bug fixes for enhanced stability
  • Numerous user-driven enhancements for better usability
  • Two major features as promised in our previous announcement:
    1. Connection manager: added a connection tracking interface
    2. Admin User Management: now accessible directly from the UI

These updates reflect our commitment to continuous improvement and responsiveness to user feedback.

Connections page

Administrator users

:white_check_mark: New Features

  • Connections management page: adds interface for managing active network connections tracked by conntrack
  • MultiWAN add sticky option in rules: introduces sticky option in MultiWAN rules for connection persistence
  • Great enhancements on LDAP remote database authentication: improves authentication flexibility for Active Directories and other LDAP configurations
  • DPI signatures for community subscriptions: provides updated DPI signatures for both community and enterprise subscriptions
  • Expose admin users: adds functionality to convert local users to admin and revoke admin access
  • Repository access add a subscription authentication proxy: enables access to subscription repository channel after system_key verification

:crystal_ball: What’s next

We plan to release other major updates in the coming months, which could include:

  • Firewall Objects (just around the corner!)
  • Reporting

The roadmap is evolving based on the feedback collected over the coming months. Your input is invaluable in shaping the direction of NethSecurity, and we appreciate your continued support and engagement.

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Can’t use free space on nvme drive: resolves issue with using empty space on NVME drives for log storage
  • Restore show a validation error for invalid passphrase: displays specific error message for wrong passphrase during backup restoration
  • MultiWAN increase metrics between interfaces on MultiWAN creation: adjusts interface metrics to start from 20 and increase by 10
  • Scheduled System Update Cosmetic Issue: fixes display of scheduled updates in UI after completion
  • Wrong label “balance” instead of “custom” in MultiWAN: corrects labeling issue in MultiWAN policy display
  • Fix input field disabling and add form validation: addresses issues with input field disabling and adds form validation for policy editor
  • MultiWAN UI/UX improvements for rules and policies: enhances port input options and improves form handling
  • DHCP server won’t assign ip after migration: fixes DHCP server issue after migration from version 7.9 to 8
  • User’s display name disappears after a VPN account is created: prevents loss of user display name when creating VPN accounts
  • Fix wrong OpenVPN RW status (always disconnected) for migrated accounts
  • Migration remove gateway from non-red interfaces: removes unnecessary gateways during migration to prevent issues
  • Migration disable MultiWAN when there is only one provider: disables MultiWAN configuration with single provider during migration
  • Some IPsec configurations always shown with default values: fixes display of custom IPsec tunnel configurations in UI
  • Proxy pass: resolves issues with WebTop proxy pass after migration
  • Local database users disappears: addresses disappearance of local database users after system update
  • Inventory multiple fixes: improves handling of VLAN devices and DNS configuration retrieval
  • NethSecurity Controller invalid configuration after “Save” on cluster interface: resolves corruption of configuration file file after saving
  • NethSecurity Controller improve configuration form: enhances configuration form with clearer instructions and advanced options

Detailed changelog can be found here.

:question: What is NethSecurity?

NethSecurity is a powerful, open-source Linux firewall designed to simplify network security deployment. It offers:

  • Full-featured protection
  • Easy setup in minutes
  • User-friendly interface

With NethSecurity, robust network defense is just a few clicks away.

Born as a focused spinoff from NethServer, NethSecurity replaces the UTM firewall module removed in NethServer 8. It continues support for users needing a dedicated firewall gateway, built on a completely new technological stack.

:globe_with_meridians: Learn more at our official website.

:rocket: Help shape NethSecurity’s future

Your insights are invaluable as we refine and enhance NethSecurity. By sharing your experience, you directly contribute to the evolution of the project.

  • Share your thoughts
  • Report issues
  • Suggest features

:zap: Please open a new topic in the NethSecurity category
Add tags like feature bug support

:point_right: Download and use it! :point_left:


Recently (a month?) a critical bug has emerged, with a non-globally pinned advisor.
Is correct to suppose that this kind of evenience could deliver a new public and stable image?

Is there any supposed timing for the second point? IDK 6-9 months…

Yes, it’s already documented here: Development process | NethSecurity

No, it much depends on new relevant features rates and upstream updates.

On a mobile device the connections page has incorrect name.

Also the page doesn’t look correct.

On PC it all looks good.
Is this a bug?

---- update

Another one
language is Italian instead of English

Usually this a browser cache problem. You should try to clean the cache, but I never did on a mobile!

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Strange thing is that is appears only on a phone.
IPad no problems

I could be caches because is was a new menu.
Cleared all cache : same problem
Try incognito. Same problem.

And the language issue in Backup menu also remains on PC, ipad and iPhone

I had a similar issue issue after updating NethSecurity using Firefox on a PC, a hard refresh helped: