NethSecurity Beta2 released 🛡

Enhanced UI, Improved Management, and More! :brick:

We’re thrilled to announce the release of NethSecurity Beta 2, packed with exciting improvements designed to streamline your network management experience and empower you with greater control.

This update focuses on:

  • a revamped user interface (UI)
  • a more intuitive and user-friendly way to navigate and configure your network settings.

And we have now a new project logo!!

Key Highlights :fire:

Revamped UI for Enhanced Usability

  • Streamlined Access: Reach the UI from anywhere on your network using the default port 9090 or port 443 for both LAN and WAN.
  • LuCI disabled Enjoy a clutter-free experience that allows you to concentrate on essential NethSecurity features.
  • Clearer Network Insights: Gain improved readability of network packet counts directly on the network page, providing a quicker grasp of traffic flow.
  • Simplified Configuration: Effortlessly manage network rules, including Source NAT, Masquerading, No-NAT, and netmap configurations, through dedicated new pages.

Network Enhancements for Optimal Connectivity

  • Expanded PPPoE Support: Leverage the new PPPoE with DHCPv6-PD functionality for a wider range of connectivity options.
  • Effortless Bond Interface Management: Configure and manage bonded network interfaces directly from the intuitive UI, simplifying network setup.
  • Automatic DPI Adjustments: Network changes automatically trigger DPI reconfiguration, ensuring your security measures remain up-to-date.
  • Comprehensive DPI Visibility: View all non-WAN interfaces within the DPI page for a complete overview of your network traffic.

Additional Features to Empower Your Network

  • Threat Shield Panel simplified

It keeps you safe by blocking attacks from known malicious IP addresses. These addresses are compiled into blocklists, each with a clear name that tells you its purpose and who maintains it. The confidence score is a value from 1 to 10 that indicates the quality of the list.

  • Modernized Login Experience
    Enjoy a redesigned login screen

  • Enhanced Security with 2FA: Fortify your network security by implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) for administrator accounts, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Faster Installation: Experience a quicker and more efficient installation process with the improved ns-install script, which now halts the system upon completion for a seamless transition.
  • Smoother Upgrades: Navigate upgrades effortlessly with the enhanced migration UI, designed to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transfer to the latest version.
  • Simplified DHCP Management: Effortlessly create static leases from existing dynamic leases within the DHCP configuration, streamlining IP address allocation.
  • Optional Subscription-Based Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with the upcoming subscription-based update feature, providing automatic updates for users with active subscriptions.
    more integrated and admin-oriented design for a professional feel.
  • Pre and Post Commit Hooks: Gain greater control over the API with the addition of pre and post commit hooks, allowing for advanced automation and customization.

Bug Fixes :bug:

  • MultiWAN: Benefit from improved rule flexibility, enhanced policy protection, and accurate mwan chart display for better multi-WAN management.
  • Firewall: Experience improved protocol handling, enhanced rule readability, and streamlined port forwarding configuration for a more efficient firewall setup.
  • Certificates: Say goodbye to issues like certificate overwriting, incorrect domain display, and problematic Let’s Encrypt deletion. We’ve also enabled automatic port opening during Let’s Encrypt certificate requests.
  • DPI: Upgrade with confidence, knowing your saved DPI filter configurations will remain intact.
  • Network: Manage interfaces with greater ease, as editing functionality is now available even after their associated zone is deleted.
  • OpenVPN: Experience seamless OpenVPN management with fixes for port updates, configuration protection, authentication failures, and server status display.
  • Hotspot: We’ve resolved issues related to missing MAC addresses and VLAN deletion, while also adding a convenient status indicator for quick reference.
  • DHCP: Benefit from a fixed missing key value in DHCP configuration and improved display options for a clearer overview.
  • IPsec: Enjoy a correctly configured NAT port, elimination of duplicate firewall rules, and proper spelling for IPsec rule names.

Next steps: fixes, improvements, and central controller :crystal_ball:

We’re committed to enhancing your experience. Here’s what’s next:

  • Bug fixes: our top priority is resolving known bugs for seamless operation.
  • Factory reset enhancements: simplifying the device reset process, including extra data storage
  • IPsec tunnel upgrades: improving VPN connection stability and security
  • Central controller (initial version):
    • Password-less access to registered firewalls
    • Automatic log collection and storage

Try it! :test_tube:

We highly encourage you to download and explore the exciting new features and enhancements in NethSecurity Beta 2. For a comprehensive overview of the changes, please refer to the official release notes.

Follow the instructions, download and try it
Download :arrow_down:

Documentation :books:

Read about all features, migration from NS7 and more inside the official documentation

What’s NethSecurity? :shield:

It’s a fully-featured Linux firewall that combines multiple security features into a single platform, including firewalling, DPI, antivirus, multi WAN, DNS and content filtering, and more.

Why NethSecurity?

With the release of NethServer 8 we abandoned the UTM firewall module included in version 7. Still, we wanted to continue helping those who used NethServer as a firewall gateway in their network. So we decided to create a new Linux Open Source project that is highly focused on the firewall, and NethSecurity was born, which is basically a NethServer spinoff with a completely new technological stack

We need your feedback :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Known bugs in the new interface can be found here. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of NethSecurity.
Explore the new interface confidently, but if you encounter bugs, please report them in a new thread.

Your feedback during this beta phase is crucial for refining NethSecurity.

Please open a new topic in the NethSecurity category
Add tags like feature bug support
We invite you to explore the Beta2 release, share your feedback, and be a part of the NethSecurity community. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to open-source excellence!

Happy exploring :metal:

The NethSecurity Team


Now lets see how the traffic shaping compares to an Edgerouter… i know its old, but so far works

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would nethsecurity have and support plugins, apps and or modules?
will these be core built, or community implementation as well.

Would we have a pihole for nethsecurity, or similar implementations?

would we be getting duckdns or sorts.

Sorry but I do not get it.
What do you mean? Can you give any example?

Would we have a pihole for nethsecurity, or similar implementations?

Yes: see DNS filter — NethSecurity documentation and
ns-threat_shield | NethSecurity

I guess you’re talking about a dynamic DNS client.
If so, yes: Dynamic DNS — NethSecurity documentation

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say i need to add wazuh, or other security releated tools, would it be possible in future for nethsecurity, simila rto how apps can be built on nethserver?

I forgot to mention that you can use also banip (Threat shield) for this by selecting lists like adaway: Threat shield — NethSecurity documentation

say i need to add wazuh, or other security releated tools, would it be possible in future for nethsecurity, simila rto how apps can be built on nethserver?

yes, you will need to rebuild the image with a custom package, see upstream doc: [OpenWrt Wiki] Creating packages


cool, very interesting…

i dont see anything about PPPOE on the docs

i was under the assumption that nethsecurity would work as a pppoe server

Thank you for your work @giacomo . I’ve only just started to take a closer look at NethSecurity. It looks good and is easy to navigate and implement.

The one thing I am going to miss from NS7 is your implementation of Suricata and Evebox - which no-one has been able to port properly into OpenWRT.

I couldn’t see any offerings in OpenWRT that would offer a simple quick view of threats and blocks etc. All the data is there, analysing it quickly/at a glance is handy - unless I’m missing something of course :slight_smile:


Thanks for testing!

Right, Evebox and Suricata does not work still on OpenWrt but there was some progress: Suricata 6 for OpenWrt - Community Builds, Projects & Packages - OpenWrt Forum

We already tested some alternatives but we didn’t find a very good solution until now.

There is banip, but it’s blockslit-based: it’s a good alternative to an IPS but not exactly the same thing.

I’m absolutely loving it right now.