NethSecurity an old NIC

Hello, is a choice ti not add kmod of old 100mbit NIC and some old 1Gbit NIC?
I tried some old hardware and some cards are not recognized.
Can i add support manually?

None of my business, but do you really want to run NethSecurity on old/unsupported hardware for a critical function as a firewall? Being a firewall is hard enough, let alone keeping track of and manage unsupported, outdated, comprised drivers. After all it is all about the software. It would be a day task by itself…


yes it was the original intent: use OpenWrt defauls.
But after @pike requested it, we added few more drivers: config: add support for some common network cards by gsanchietti · Pull Request #310 · NethServer/nethsecurity · GitHub
Try one of the latest dev releases, like this one:

Can i add support manually?

Yes, but you have to rebuild the whole image.
But before rebuild, try the above image.

Please also share at least the model of the card.
Better if you can also provide the PCI ID.

Before deploy a new “service tool”, sometimes you have to test it. And sometimes, only old stuff is available for the job.

For a lot of internet connections in Italy, 10/100 network adapter (if it’s not too demanding in CPU cycles) is still… just fine. Unfortunately.

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You are right.
I was only testing some hardware.

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Fair enough, as I said, none of my business.

Good Morning, i have a similar question, i would like to use the hot spot for providing a wifi. is this possible? i have an intel centrino advanced - n 6235 but it is not shown in my network devices.

WiFi support is currently not planned, take a look at this: NethSecurity Alpha 2 is ready 🛡 - #11 by giacomo

Still, you can build your own image and add drivers to it: Build system | NethSecurity

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hi @hucky except for the part “AP not available in current code”, how is your current hardware setup? Are you using a old laptop?

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pity for me then, thank you for the answer

nope, its a vm on a proxmox server with 12 x Intel(R) Core™ i7-10810U CPU @ 1.10GHz, 32 GB Ram, SSD etc.

One hell of efficient host for toying with VMs…

not sure if u mean it in a good or a bad way… but did you have an idea for the wlp7S0 Wifi Card`?

I mean in a good way, it’s a really nice CPU. A bit on the short side about TDP (and grunt), but it’s working in the way Intel meant.
For your network card, this answer from Giacomo

IMVHO is the best path to use it like you want.