NethSecurity Alpha 2 is ready 🛡

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of NethSecurity Alpha 2, a pivotal step in the evolution of our security platform. This alpha release is tailored for evaluation purposes, emphasizing the testing of the new system’s user interface.

Users can opt to explore the ongoing development of the new interface or stick with the familiar LuCI interface.

NethSecurity is a spin-off of the NethServer project, a fully-featured Open Source Linux firewall that streamlines network security deployment in just a few clicks.

It combines multiple security features into a single platform including firewalling, intrusion detection/prevention, antivirus, multi-WAN, DNS and content filtering, and more.

Key Highlights

New features

  • Introduced the OpenVPN tunnel configuration page, offering a streamlined setup process.
  • Added the IPsec tunnel configuration page for robust security configurations.
  • Incorporated the Hotspot (Dedalo) configuration page, facilitating seamless hotspot management.
  • Implemented the Backup and Restore page for comprehensive data protection.
  • Exposed netdata reports within the UI, featuring a configurable ping latency monitor for improved network monitoring.
  • Added a dedicated page to manage System Updates, streamlining the update process
  • Included a migration page from NethServer 7, facilitating a smooth transition.
  • Enabled factory reset functionality directly from the UI, simplifying system maintenance.
  • Implemented a VPN Users page in preparation for the upcoming OpenVPN Road Warrior server, enhancing VPN management.

UI Enhancements

  • Introduced exclusion functionality to the DPI filter page, providing granular control over content filtering.
  • Resolved numerous bugs across various pages, including DHCP and DPI filter, resulting in enhanced overall page stability.
  • Addressed the default language issue for non-translated languages, ensuring a smoother user experience.
  • Refactored and improved the Network page for better network management.

General Improvements

  • Updated the base OpenWrt to version 23.05.2, ensuring compatibility with the latest features and security updates.
  • Established a mechanism to send alerts to remote portals, including and, enhancing communication.
  • Added support for One-Time Passwords (OTP) in future OpenVPN Road Warrior server configurations, bolstering security measures.

Kindly be aware that the bond configuration is still in progress, resulting in the current non-functionality of bond-type network interfaces.

Sneak peak from Alpha2.

VPN user database

IPsec tunnels

OpenVPN tunnels

Factory reset


Backup, restore and migration


Try it!

Follow the instructions, download and try it
Download :arrow_down:


Read about all features, migration from NS7 and more inside the official documentation

We need your feedback

Please note that this release is primarily focused on soliciting feedback and testing the new UI functionalities. Known bugs in the new interface can be found here. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of NethSecurity.

Your feedback during this alpha phase is crucial for refining NethSecurity.

Please open a new topic in the NethSecurity category
Add tags like feature bug support

Known bugs in the new interface can be found here.


Can the Vouchers be created suing API, this would be fantastic to Have.

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APIs should be already available, look at the server code. Maybe @edoardo_spadoni has a link to the doc

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Hi @oneitonitram, the link to the documentation is available here: Icaro API POST /vouchers. Through the API you can replicate everything you can do from the cloud portal.

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finally i had some time to test the alpha2 and since i’ve found openvpnRW config enabled in gui (yes, I’m lazy) i’ve installed as firewall at home…
i’ve had to fight a little with acme on luci and and the reverse proxy config, but now is working (at least the basic needs of my home)
yes, some things are still missing and lot to study/try but kudos to devs for the work :clap: :clap:


Let me take this opportunity to say hello at all, I have just discovered nethserver and it really promises very well!

is there any way to manage wifi cards? hostapd?

the small companies I follow all have servers with internal wifi cards.

Thank you for trying the project!

Currently, the WiFi part is not enabled during the build process: giving support on the whole WiFi thing is usually really hard and for now we would like to avoid such issues.
I’m not saying that we will include it in next builds, but for now is out of scope.

Still, you can build your own custom image by just dropping some files in the config dir: Build | NethSecurity

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Thanks a lot, I can understand it the difficult, hope will be present basic hostapd (at least in a single interface), in this way everyone can choose their own device and create the specific hostapd.conf at home.

I hate messing with the wifi part every time… but for small companies they see it as an advantage to have the wifi card on the same data server without being limited to (or taking up) gigabit ethernet ports. :frowning: