Nethsecurity 8 project

Good morning everyone
I wanted to know how far the Nethsecurity 8 project is
I find the possibility of switching from version 7 to 8 interesting
via web interface

thank you

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Yes, you will be able to do it.


When? :smiling_imp:

We are working hard under the hood, you can follow the project here: Home | NextSecurity

Since a couple of months :slight_smile: This the migration package with Cockpit UI: GitHub - NethServer/nethserver-firewall-migration: Migration of NS7 firewall to Nextsecurity

You can install from command line:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-firewall-migration

Then, if you want to configure the new project from the UI, you still need to use LuCI.

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Yikes. Dumb me that I missed the announcement…

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.img file don’t play nice (currently) with Ventoy. Which is quite a bummer: it recognize it as OpenWRT but that doesn’t start.
.ISO version or compatibility with ventoy are both interesting options to me.

Desiderata Act II: shell procedure to define at least the green ip address interface.
And use gloves. I had my hand got pretty scratched after install.

Not a matter of polishing, still a lot of bending, twisting, hammering and dewarping need to be done.
Maybe NextSec will gain traction, but currently the name for me is “FeatureStripped”.
I’m gonna meet PfSense…

I’d recommend OPNsense over pfSense. Neither is perfect though.


If you want to explore a bit, take a look to this: [OpenWrt Wiki] OpenWrt as router device

i did not even knew Nextsecurity had its own trello board

looks like its also making greate strides as well: nextsecurity-project | Trello

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I noticed on very ealry implementation of NextSec, that Radius was removed, was this done on purpose, will it be added in future in different ways, or this is something you dont wish to implement on the Nethserver and NextSec

We never had Radius as part of the firewall.
IIRC there was a community module.

But since we are using OpenWrt as base, you should be able to install most of the packages also from their repositories. Radius seems available: [OpenWrt Wiki] FreeRADIUS


I really feel for the creator of the New DOCS for NS8, thats a lot of content to Write for the new Version of the software, but hey as it happnes with any new prodcut or software.

only that in this case, its like you are thworing the entire rule book of all previous documentations to have the new One… and 2024 is coming in HOT


Did you already try the steps for openwrt combined-squashfs images?


Not willing to.
The feature set is so stripped down than starting from scratch a new project is not an option.
Also Neth7 for the same project currently not an option: less than 500 days of lifespan. Insufficient.

So I have to run a already known candidate without a effective expire date and not that “new” as kernel (4.4.145) or run PFSense/OPNsense. And currently exploring the latter seems better to me, the already known candidate will be backup option if I’m not satisfied.

Sorry for the OT, and I know that i don’t know NextSecurity well enough, but currently is a triple backflipped step/stab-back from Neth7 Firewall capabilities. It’s a pumped router firmware, sized and enhanced for being a backpack-container-strapped, not a candidate for being the Small Business firewall that some other projects are.
Even IpFire from here is still far better, but lacks the multiple connection capabilities that today must be available for every network appliance.

Wishing the best, but not worth my time at current state and forecasted future I see now.


Ventoy is cube-cool. Don’t use it for NethServer7, it will wipe your USB drive while installing.

Openwrt provides a lot of features and additional software.

It will be possible to migrate from Neth7 to NethSec.

Team opnsense


yeahh… no. OpenWRT<>NextSecurity. So I dont think all the OpenWRT modules will be supported from Nethesis on NextSecurity. Glad if I’ll be completely disproven.

Yeah sure. To me seems like migrate from this
to this
(which by the way is a wonderful tool)
I can’t sincerely call it “upgrade”. Sorry.

Thanks for pointing all details out for the audience, but keep stirring the cocktail won’t make me feel it tasty (yet).

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Openwrt is a full wifi router distribution including more router/firewall and of course wifi features than Neth 7.
I assume that there will be at least mostly the same firewall features in NethSec as were in Neth 7.