NethSecurity 8 migration

Hello, today i migrated my homelab to Nethsec8 !

Only a Little problem i found.
After migration, openvpn roadwarrior was missing of all active users, i found only a deactivated user that was in ns7.
Just added to local db the missing accounts, with same name as ns7 and all was working, without reinstall ovpn profiles in clients, so weird.

First impressions:
Very smooth, faster than ns7.

Other manual settings:
-Needed to reconfigure threat shield, was clean after migration.
-Configured nginx for nextcloud on old ns7 (ns8 migration soon). Works, there are no options to set. i hope that is secure enough.
-Configured AdBlock from luci, i don’t like ad.

Anorher Little problem, i have no stats about DPI now.

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If you didn’t reboot your machine, check the /var/log/migration.log and see if it contains something relevant.

I guess you had community lists enabled, am I right?
Since anyone can configure their own lists, it is not possible to migrate them.
Still, It worth mentioning inside the doc.
On the other end, enterprise lists should be correctly migrated.

We will have it exposed inside our UI in the future. Still, you can use adaway list also inside threat shield (banip) .

Sorry, but already did reboot

You,re right

Sorry, but banip blocks too many normal websites, without block ad in others. AdBlock did the correct work for me. I use banip with common bloklist, like dshield and firehol.

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If you still have it, you can pass me the export, if you want; then, I will try to reproduce the issue.

I’d also need to know the version of nethserver-migration-firewall rpm on ns7 and the version of the nethsecurity image

You mean the migration file?
Of course, tell me how to share with you.

I did on saturday with ns7 and NethSecurity 8 on last updates available.
Could be 8-23.05.3-ns.0.0.3-rc1-57-gb321df5 but i am not sure

On sunday, migrated samba,ad and nextcloud to ns8.

I should restore a backup from PBS if you need packages version, because ns7 has gone to virtual machines heaven…

Just send me a private message here with the attachment.

Not really needed and it’s too too much work just for this info :wink: I will try to reproduce anyway with the exported archive.

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Thanks to Andrea, the bug has been fixed inside nethserver-firewall-migration package on NS7: Release 0.0.16 · NethServer/nethserver-firewall-migration@45953c9 · GitHub