NethSecurity 8.0.1 security release 🛡

Security Release

Image Version: 8-23.05.3-ns.1.0.1

This is an important security release for NethSecurity. This update addresses a critical security vulnerability and includes several essential bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Security Vulnerability Addressed

Note: No known attacks exploiting this vulnerability are currently known in the wild.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Ipsec: fix non working tunnel if selected WAN is a PPPoE over vlan
  • MultiWAN: force maximum length for rules and policies names
  • OpenVPN Road Warrior: prevent creation of users with trailing spaces
  • Inventory: improve data collection for subscriptions and network
  • Migration: fix OpenVPN Road Warrior users not visible in UI after migration
  • API server: improved stability and performance by optimizing boot order for proper startup at boot time

How to Update NethSecurity

Users can update their machines directly from the UI:

  • Navigate to the “Updates” page
  • Click on the “Check for fixes” button


  • Apply all updates


Make sure the ns-ui package version is >= 1.0.1.

Alternatively, users can upgrade the installation using the new image provided. or using the image-based upgrade procedure from the UI:

:exclamation:We strongly recommend all users to apply this update as soon as possible to ensure the security and stability of their systems.

NS8 Controller

The issue affects also NethServer 8 Controller application.
An update has been already release.

Make sure to have installed version >= 0.0.20.

How to update the controller

Users can update their instances from the Software Center:

  • Access the NethServer 8 cluster user interfac
  • Go to the Software Center and click “Reload repositories” button
  • Update all NethSecurity instances

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