Nethsec8 noob questions

and curiosity…

first of all: I’m lazy, and I’m looking for a way to not manually reinstall all installed packages (like zabbix-agentd and other utils) from openwrt repositories when I do a “system update”.
Furthermore, I would like not to lose the bash history.
what I’m doing now:
I use to save the list of installed packages
then I use a script that configure customfeeds, calls and then cleans customfeeds.conf
furthermore i added some dir/files in /etc/sysupgrade.conf

I was wondering if there is a nicer/better way to get a “full restore” after a system upgrade

other questions:

  • will there be a way to see the latest connections of an openvpn roadwarrior user (like ns7) implemented?
  • is there or will there be a way to see the update changelogs before applying them? especially in this testing phase it would be useful to understand the fixes and better understand what to test. I really miss it

I thought I had more questions, that’s all for now :innocent:

thank you


I’d say that’s the correct approach. We can evaluate to keep some customization like yours, but I fear it will not be easy to make it work with OpenWrt backup/upgrade implementation.

will there be a way to see the latest connections of an openvpn roadwarrior user (like ns7) implemented?

These info are already collected inside the sqlite db: ns-openvpn | NethSecurity

Things to note:

  • such data are not still exposed on the UI
  • there is no sqlite cli, you need to use python to see what’s inside the db
  • data are lost upon reboot to preserve the storage lifespan

I miss them too :cry: The OpenWrt package system is very poor, there is not such thing like a changelog.
We could try to generate it for all ns-* packages (packages maintained by us) using the git history but it’s not easy at all.

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yes I understand, no probs. only one other doubt: I put my scripts in /etc/config… is that okay or is it cleaner to use another dir? maybe in /mnt/data ?

ok good to know, it’s not a big problem for now, I’ll see if I can get some data or if ns8 controller can be of help

:ok_hand: I’ll keep checking on github for package update :sweat_smile:
but maybe for System Updates (after stable, when I imagine the releases will be less frequent) we can think of a summary screen like opnsense?


It does not matter, but remember to add the script itself to /etc/sysupgrade.conf.

Yes, that’s the idea: I would like to store such data inside the controller.

Of course, we already do something similar in doc, but it should be enough to expose it inside a link in the ui ?