NethSec UI displayed many errors (maybe UI crash)

I attempted to access a website which i think is a pharmaceutical storefront in India. The page wouldn’t display, so I went to the NethSec UI to turn off BanIP AKA Threat Shield. I had a bunch of errors, and I couldn’t do anything from the UI, including reboot.

The router still was running. I went to the Proxmox UI and rebooted NethSec from there.

When it rebooted, I again had a bunch of errors. While there may or may not have been detail differences, the screen looked like what I saw before I rebooted. After less than a minute, those errors went away by themselves.

I did a screen shot you can access on my Microsoft OneDrive
(the name of the URL = URL, which is why it looks sduplicated)

The errors seems pretty clear: Network error.
The UI is cached inside your browser and your browser was not able to reach the firewall.

Good observation.

It might have been a temporary hang of some process on my Windows 11 desktop, maybe some transient glitch in Adguard, but it didn’t last long.

The desktop is on a wired Ethernet in the same subnet as the LAN side of NethSec and the LAN side of the Proxmox. The WAN side of the Proxmox and NethSec connects to my Xfinity gateway, which has a built-in WiFi. If I had a situation where NetSed didn’t route, I can connect via WiFi to the Xfinity gateway, and be on the same subnet as the WAN side of those, but in this case, I didn’t need to because from the LAN subnet, I could access the WAN side of Proxmox, which means NethSec forwarded the traffic.

In fact, I have no evidence the Internet was unreachable during any of this, which, if true, means it could not have been a network error, but could have been some issue with the browser on my desktop.

If it happens again, I have some ideas to confirm network connectivity.

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