Nethsec missing users after update

hi, it with the latest updates the users in local database seem to disappear (and therefore also the openvpn users)
these are the updates (on NethSecurity 8-23.05.3-ns.1.0.1) :

ns-api 0.0.76-1 to 0.0.77-1
ns-dpi 0.0.5-1 to 0.0.6-1
ns-migration 0.0.11-1 to 0.0.12-1
ns-objects 0.0.2-1 to 0.0.3-1
ns-openvpn 0.0.2-1 to 0.0.3-1
ns-ui 1.0.7-1 to 1.0.10-1
python3-nethsec 0.0.61-1 to 0.0.64-1



I guess there is no error inside the UI.

Can you share the output of the following commands (remember to redact passwords, if present):

  • cat /etc/config/users
  • /usr/libexec/rpcd/ns.users call list-databases
  • echo '{"database": "main"}' | /usr/libexec/rpcd/ns.users call list-users
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Holy moly! I’ve been able to reproduce it, it seems the users database is wiped out, I’m so sorry for this very bad bug.

I filled a issue: Local database users disappears · Issue #625 · NethServer/nethsecurity · GitHub

The issue is contained inside the ns-objects package that I have promptly removed
from the stable repository.

You should be able to recreate the users by hand.
If all your users were used inside an OpenVPN server, I can setup a script to recreate them automatically: let me know.


As bad as that bug sounds and the inconvience it causes, this is by far the best reaction and response I have seen in a long time… :joy: You’ve just made my day and I thank you for it.


Fix released.

If anyone has this issue, try to restore from a backup.
Otherwise let me know if you need a way to recreate (not recover) the db from OpenVPN config.

Thanks @dz00te for reporting! :pray:

@alefattorini send him a beer, a t-shirt or whatever you hide in your closet! :smiley:


@dz00te you’re welcome at our Eroi Digitali meeting in October :smiley: or directly in Nethesis
when you’re passing through. A fresh beer is ready for you

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wow fixed before I even got around to replying with more info :open_mouth:
(tested new update, all ok)

no problem for me, it was a vm so I did a rollback. I immediately wrote on the forum just to warn devs and other users

Thank you! :+1: :love_you_gesture:


I’ve updated today, but now my users disappeared also.

Was the fix implemented for the stable release ?

Restored backup and they are back for now

Yes, the fix has been release few days ago.

I’m very sorry for what happened, but I’m afraid the update server is distributing an old version of the ns-objects package.
I’ve temporarily stopped the server to avoid further issues.

Can I ask you which version of ns-objects you have installed?
You can check it with:

ns-objects release should be 0.0.5, but the server is distributing the 0.0.3.

I need time to inspect the issue: I will post here my findings.

How can i check the version of ns-objects?
When i do the update check i see 0.0.2-1 (see also screenshot in previous reply)

From command line execute:

opkg info ns-objects

Not exactly, the screenshot displays an update from 0.0.2 to 0.0.3.

This is now fixed.


opkg info ns-objects
Package: ns-objects
Version: 0.0.3-1
Depends: libc, python3-nethsec
Status: install user installed
Architecture: all
 /etc/config/objects e3b0c44298fc1c149afbf4c8996fb92427ae41e4649b934ca495991b7852b855
Installed-Time: 1720459157

i’ll try later (when possible) to do th update again

Everything is now updated and no problems found.
Users are still there

Thanks !!

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