NethGUI with Firefox 57: some controls aren't updated

(Ilvo) #1

After launching shell commands regarding IPS Suricata for its configuration, the changes are not visible in the GUI if not exiting and returning from the IPS page or clearing the browser cache, the F5 refresh button has no effect.

System version NethServer release 7.4.1708 (Final)
Kernel version 3.10.0-693.11.6.el7.x86_64
Firefox version 57.0.4 (64 bit)

commands launched:

config setprop suricata AlertCategories ET-emerging-current_events, ET-emerging-ftp, ET-emerging-games, ET-emerging-inappropriate, ET-emerging-info, ET-emerging-misc, ET-emerging-mobile_ware, ET-emerging- p2p, ET-emerging-scan, ET-emerging-shellcode, ET-emerging-sql, ET-emerging-worm BlockCategories ET-botcc.portgrouped, ET-botcc, ET-ciarmy, ET-compromised, ET-drop, ET- Dshield, ET-emerging-activex, ET-emerging-attack_response, ET-emerging-dos, ET-emerging-exploit, ET-emerging-malware, emerging-netbios-ET, ET-emerging-trojan

config setprop suricata BlockCategories

signal-event nethserver-suricata-update

(Filippo Carletti) #2

I can’t reproduce the problem with chrome.
Reproduced on firefox 57.

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #3

Quite strange, probably Firefox has more aggressive cache mechanism.

I think you should have the same problem on other pages too.
Could you please check if am I correct?

(Filippo Carletti) #4

I think I’ve found a pattern.
Radio buttons always work correctly.
Drop down selections and sliders need CRTL+F5 to be updated.
Pages tested: backup configuration (slider) and backup data (full backup on).

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #5

This sounds to me like a browser bug …

@davidep what do you think?

(Markus Neuberger) #6

I did a little research and it seems like caching forms values is a feature of firefox (and maybe other browsers). Your value changes are saved in browser cache and on unwanted or accidental refresh you get your changed values again whileas on Chrome your changes would be lost on refresh. It seems to be an older issue. There are add ons for Firefox to change from soft refresh to hard refresh like a button for CTRL - F5.

Mozilla Addon: