Nethgui: "The new Server Manager is installed, give it a try! Access: https://IP:9090" must be showed only after NethServer is configured

When we go on https://IP:980/, there is:

  • “The new Server Manager is installed, give it a try! Access: https://IP:9090

Following the alert message, we go at the new link and we configure the server with the Cockpit:

After it, when we launch the nethgui, it is needed to configure a new time the server.
The first configuration wizard is always here.

2 points:

  • Cockpit: It is important to inform people that the install must be done with Netgui (if it is not done)
  • Nethgui: Only after the wizard done, show the “The new Server Manager is installed, give it a try! Access: https://IP:9090” alert message.

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This is not true.
You can perform the first configuration entirely from Cockpit.

No no, If we go in first in Cockpit and after you go in Nethgui, and the wizard is always here.

We already discussed it somewhere else.
It doesn’t make sense that a UI modify the behavior of the other one.
Such cosmetic issue is present just because you have installed both the UI and you’re accessing both.

If you have already configured the machine using Cockpit, you can just press “next next next” on the nethgui wizard. If you want to totally skip it, just execute:

config setprop httpd-admin ForcedLoginModule ''

You can add in the DB if the setup is done with Cockpit, it is ok for Nethgui.

It would make sense that the final step in whatever manager would be to NOT trigger/bypass/set as ‘finsished initial setup’ the first config in another manager.

I’m still not convinced :slight_smile:
It’s not hard to implement, just it seems wrong to me.

What do you think @filippo_carletti @davidep @stephdl?


Then I must have some kind of misunderstanding what the first install wizard (on classic Servermanager) does.
If a first install wizard has been performed, why still show it on another Servermanager? Either way if it has been done on classic servermanager or new cockpit servermanager. When it’s done, it’s done. No need to do it double…

+1 if the wizard has been completed, no needs to display it again in the other SM

+1 to do nothing and install only cockpit in new installations. We can start from NS 7.8.

Old Nethgui server manager can then be manually installed, if requested/desired.

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Disagree until it’s feature-complete.

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@davidep Now you are pushing it my friend. old school (wannabe) sysadmin here… and old habits don’t change easily…
of course, cold turkey removing the ‘old’ servermanager will force a lot of people to start using nethserver-cockpit. But to be honest, my default servermanager is still at port 980… :zipper_mouth_face:

Who’s talking about removals? I’m saying to not ship Nethgui from ISO 7.8. That means it can be installed manually.

Nobody will touch running systems :slight_smile:

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No, no, Cockpit is not perfect, Nethgui must to be here by default in 7.8!
See all my remarks, for example: about root alias is missing…

Currently, only postmaster is listed.

And the main problem is:

  • When we create the configuration with Cockpit, there is always the Wizard in Nethgui (it is not normal, the configuration has been already done)

There is a missing value in DB to inform Nethgui that the NethServer has been configured.

Even Nethgui wasn’t perfect when it was released. Cockpit is still a beta, everybody knows it has bugs. Indeed we’re working to provide missing features and fix the bugs. Hopefully it will be ready for a stable release in 7.8.

If that’s not true, we can wait 7.9… I think going on with two server managers is difficult for the support team. Even writing the docs is hard, because of the duplication of the interface.

I was the first to say let’s keep Nethgui forever and ever. That can be still true because it can be available from Software Center even after the decision to remove it from the ISO bundle will come. And, as said, existing installations can be left untouched.