Nethforge Testing Repo Empty?

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: Nethforge-testing

I attempted to install the Mattermost module from the testing repository. I used the following command:
$sudo yum --enablerepo=nethforge-testing install nethserver-mattermost

The result:

    Downloading packages:
    No Presto metadata available for nethforge-testing
    nethserver-postgresql94-0.0.1- FAILED                                      [Errno 14] 
    HTTP Error 404 - Not Found
    Trying other mirror.

with the same message for the [nethserver-mattermost package. A visit to shows an empty folder. Any ideas as to where I have gone wrong? I have previously installed another package (cockpit) from testing with no issues.

When I list nethforge-testing repo,
yum list --enablerepo=nethforge-testing | grep nethforge-testing
I get a list of packages.

Yes it has been my fault! I set up an automated clean up procedure on testing repositories and it seems too aggressive… Please be patient I cannot restore those RPMs now. I’ll fix it next Monday!



We should call this an “OOPSIE” :stuck_out_tongue:


Files has been restored. The nethforge-testing is now excluded from the automatic cleanup procedure.