NetheServer As Main Server

Hello Everybody.

This is my first topic and I’d like to apologize if the topic like these has already discussed.

I’m using NS 7.4 and I have the following doubt

I have 1 database server, 1 e-mail server and 1 file sharing server and I’d like to know if I can integrate then with Nethserver making NS the main server and using he to administrade the database, e-mail and filesharing servers using the NS user to administrate all of them.

Thank you.

Hi Pablo,

If you install and setup NS as the replacement server which runs as the database server, email server and file server (all-in-one) - you effective reduce the number of servers you have to maintain down from 3 to 1 and you can use NethServer to administrate and manage all 3 of the functions.

If you’re looking for a single NethServer administration interface to manage 3 other servers - now that is a different issue and I’m not sure if that is possible right now without a whole lot of customisation.

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Hi James.

Thanks for your reply.

Was the last paragraph you mentioned that I’d like to know, the customisation will be necessary to make NS a single interface to manage 3 others server.

I don’t know if is possible to include this feature to be discuss on a new version of NethServer because NS is very robust and a great all-in-one solution

Yeah - that one is beyond me unfortunately and that is a whole lot of work, don’t even think its on the roadmap (I’m sure the NethServer Dev Team and @alefattorini will correct me if I’m wrong here ) and my guess at this stage is that its something which you would have to be developed either develop inhouse or get a 3rd party to develop

AFAIK, cockpit enables administration of multiple servers from one web interface.


Ah, thank you @filippo_carletti! Something I did not know and something new which I have learnt today.

/me makes a mental note to hurry up and look more into cockpit