Neth on VPS - VPN


NethServer Version: 7.4

I’ve found a few topics addressing this a bit, but I don’t think any have reached a conclusion (at least as far as I’ve seen). I’m considering running a Neth instance in a VPS, rather than hosting it myself. But this leads to a few network-related questions:

  • The docs say that, when you have only a single NIC (as with a VPS), that NIC must be green. That means, of course, that all services, including the server manager, are open to the entire Internet.
  • Seems a more secure arrangement would be for the NIC to be red, and a VPN interface to be green. I saw one thread asking about this, but no detail or resolution. Is this possible? Practical?
  • It’d probably work best if the Neth box were semi-permanently VPN’d to my home network. My pfSense router already acts as a VPN server, so it’d probably work best if the Neth box were to just connect to that on startup, and automatically reconnect on any interruptions. Is it feasible to set this up?

This may help you setting up red and green on vps:


Yes, that looks like it would be along the lines of what I’m looking for. Looks like some testing is called for…

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Hi, this is working as it would do with a normal interface card. No testing needed. This is working!
As ssoon as you have added the dummy 0 interface you can switch the roles of the cards ending up in a more secure szenario - exactly as what you wanted to do.


Well, testing is always needed, first to make sure it will work (not that I doubt it, but would still want to confirm), and then to see about getting the VPN set up as I need. And I need to do some reading on running Neth as an OpenVPN client.

Just providing a link to the wiki page[]=dummy