Nested groups assignment

I cannot recall if this was discussed in the past.

Users and Groups panel:

  • A group can be member of itself
  • Group2 can be member of Group1 at the same time Group1 is member of Group2 (is this a problem?)

Tested only with local AD.


In theory, I don’t see an issue with this until you create a nest group loop (watch the server grind to a halt when this occurs).

They both don’t make any sense and should be forbidden!

Bad. A lot.

[quote=“dnutan, post:1, topic:7441”]
Group2 can be member of Group1 at the same time Group1 is member of Group2 (is this a problem?)
[/quote]Bad * bad * bad = cube-bad.

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Yeah - I didn’t read the original question properly but the 2nd half of my comments remain the same - creating nested group loop is a bad thing

Our UI is so powerful that permits magic things like those! :boom: I agree with the “cube-bad” definition @pike :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that lack of controls could be… so powerful.

@dnutan, do you want to open a bug?

I’m not sure this is a bug, see this commit:

AD supports nested groups, which AFAIK is used internally for “domain admins” and “administrators”.

Removing this function is just a matter of deleting 3 lines (

). Should I proceed?

/cc @dev_team

Having nested groups is ok.

The bug lays in the UI:

  • Management -> Users and Groups -> Groups tab -> Edit a group
  • Add members search field should filter out the group that is being edited.

At least it wasn’t on a local AD the last time I tried.


I ran a simple experiments with sssd:

  • create a “cyclic group” g1 -> g2 -> g1
  • create a “self loop” g1 -> g1

both cases seem supported by sssd. Group members are returned consistently by

[root@vm7 nethserver]# getent group g1*,
[root@vm7 nethserver]# getent group g2*,

Furthermore, cycles seem to be allowed in AD and RSAT tools. Some (poorly implemented) third party apps could not cope with them. There are some scripts around that analyze the LDAP db and report cycles.

In the end, I think we can retain the current implementation and allow group cycles because the underlying implementation allows them.

What do you think? /cc @dnutan


Yes. Have searched for it and as you said AD accepts circular nested groups after all.