Nested folder structure with Shared Folders

Is there a possibility to do a nested folder structure with Shares Folders? For example I would like to have /1000/test/ and I would like to have Person A and Person B to have read/write permissions in /1000, but only Person A should have read/write permissions in /1000/test.

I could create Folders in the root folder with a user with write permissions, but then all the permissions are inherited from the root folder for all users I guess.


Linux is not MS :slight_smile:

It’s possibile. You need a windows client to assign permissions.

Give permissions of FS level. I do have an MS background and back then I never gave permissions based on shares, only on FS level (ntfs in MS environments)

Do you mean through Right-Click on the folder -> Properties -> Security? Also from what I understand I can assign permissions from one windows client for all users right? The aim is to have a folder which I can just add for everyone as a net drive and in this folder there are subfolders with different permissions for the users. Note that the clients are not in a domain.

Exactly. :wink:
The clients should be able to respect Windows ACL.

Wouldn’t it be actually possible to give permissions for folders or documents through chmod/chown directly on the terminal on nethserver?

no :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s possible to use the terminal. The command is setfacl, but it’s usage it’s not simple.