Need tests : nethserver-transmission

I need reviews and tests on a new module I’m working on : nethserver-transmission

yum install 

after that the transmission-daemon is started, go to https://IP/transmission

if you want to stop it (enabled/disabled)

config setprop transmission-daemon status disabled
signal-event nethserver-transmission-save

Transmission is particular, it doesn’t write its configuration on the fly to its settings.json, it does at the shutdown and it reads at the boot time, Therefore when you modify some specific settings as :

  • the rpc-peer (peer port 51413 by default)
  • the download folder (/dl-transmission by default)
  • the rpc-url (/transmission by default)
  • the daemon port (9091 by default)

you must launch after in a terminal the event :

signal-event nethserver-transmission-save

This event will read the /var/lib/transmission/settings.json and accordingly to these parameters will set good values to Nethserver (eg firewall, download folder…)

You will find some settings in the web application, nevertheless if you miss some specific then you must edit manually the /var/lib/transmission/settings.json but it is a mandatory, you must stop first the daemon

service transmission-daemon stop
vim /var/lib/transmission/settings.json

save and launch the event nethserver-transmission-save (to reconfigure accordingly the nethserver)

signal-event nethserver-transmission-save

Once your torrents are downloaded you have two ways to retrieve them

if you want to allow it to the WWW (public/private)

config setprop transmission Webaccess public    
signal-event nethserver-transmission-save

if you want to stop all samba and web folder (enabled/disabled)

config setprop transmission status enabled    
signal-event nethserver-transmission-save

at first only ‘admin’ is allowed to use them (think to set a password) but in the user panel you can allow more users

  • Can use the Transmission SMB Folder
  • Can use the Transmission WEB Folder
  • Can manage Transmission by the WebUI

You have in the DashBoard -> Applications two urls to reach the WebUI and the Web-Folder


Wow! That’s really useful for my home downloads :wink:
I’m going to test it out soon

First of all thank you for your work and for your wiki…
I tried to install transmission on 2 vm (nethserver 6.6 with latest updates), with the same results:

–> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Package: nethserver-transmission-1.0.1-1.ns6.noarch (/nethserver-transmission-1.0.1-1.ns6.noarch)
Requires: mod_authnz_external
Error: Package: nethserver-transmission-1.0.1-1.ns6.noarch (/nethserver-transmission-1.0.1-1.ns6.noarch)
Requires: pwauth
You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest

I guess that it comes from epel…I will look tonight.

@stephdl yes you need --enablerepo=epel :wink:

In my mirror have opened a NethServer section and I will provide all dependencies

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it should be fixed

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Tested again on a clean vm: all installed correctly.
Now i will test with some download and permission for users.

little update.
after installing of transmission, every new installation/disinstallation from software center end with an alert. see screenshot. the number after the # vary

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Will test it out too, very much interested.

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thanks, indeed i don’t use so much the GUI, I will look to reproduce this issue. I suppose that you have only this module installed on your clean VM @dz00te ?

Ok this should be fixed

either install as written in the first post on a fresh vm or if you want to upgrade your existing installation you need first to remove the db transmission

config delete transmission

and install as the first post

Keep me in touch if you have more issues

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Thanks, now I have no more that error. but a new one :slight_smile:
After installing transmission I installed and uninstalled (always from the software center) the FTP server, with no problem.
But after installing the VPN, uninstalling it make disappear Transmission.
No more setting in the user panel, but also from / etc / e-smith / events /
nethserver-transmission-save and nethserver-transmission-update are no more present
Reinstalling transmission make it work again (settings and data seems to be still here).
As soon as I have time for other tests i could be more accurate
Tested on a clean vm.

try to reproduce it, but I guess that the issue could be raised against the software center, or something strange with yum dependencies…don’t know.

Life is so much mysterious sometime.

In fact it seems that nethserver-ipsec & nethserver-openvpn offer an optional dependency nethserver-samba and when you remove it from the software center your remove also nethserver-transmission (which needs also this dependency).

what i’m sure is that nethserver-transmission can’t be blamed, now i need to test with yum directly

edit : when I use yum, the dependency of nethserver-transmission is respected, the issue should come from the software center

Maybe @davidep could help here

issue raised