Need help. P3Scan terminates


NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: pop3 scan

Hi to all. Have a problem with pop3 scan. Service stops.
In logs I find:

p3scan[6504]: ERR: Sending mail to client
p3scan: ERR: Sending mail to client
p3scan[6504]: ERR: Exiting now…
p3scan[239492]: ERR: Attention: child with pid 6504 died with abnormal termsignal (11) ! This is probably a bug. Please report to the author. numprocs is now 0
kernel: p3scan[6504]: segfault at 241 ip 00007faef2829694 sp 00007ffce275bla0 error 4 in[7faef27e1000+1b7000]
p3scan[239492]: P3Scan terminates now

Hi @Alex.m,

Maybe too less RAM, found here in the forum:

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Hi. RAM a lot of. Dinamic 512MB-12000MB. In use 3850MB

It happened to me with a particular mail client I don’t remember (a recent windows). You need to adjust timeout in the mail client.