Need Help Configuring Transparent WebProxy and Block Domains

Hello everyone!

Freshly installed NethServer and updated to latest version…

Since this is my very first NethServer installation, I would like to configure firewall, transpaent proxy and block some sites during business hours, business days.

Have read some documentation…but I cannot get things working…
I managed to get DHCP working though…
Two NICs, as VM machine on Hyper-V 2019


Hi @Suricatom,

welcome to NethServer Community!

You need to install “Web Proxy” and “Web Filter” from Software Center to get the proxy/content filter and maybe the “Basic Firewall” to be able to manage the firewall. The shorewall firewall is always running on NethServer.

In the proxy configuration choose “Transparent SSL” for the green zones:


Choose a blacklist in the Categories configuration:

Add a profile to the Filter and set your business hours and business days:

Feel free to ask if something is not clear.

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Hi Markuz

Many thanks for the tip…It worked…
Were it not for you, I was almost giving up on NethServer…hehehe
I will be looking to advance the implementation of NethServer for other purposes.
Be well,

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