Need a unencrypted internal mail for an old printer

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: mail

Hello Guys

I am using Sogo and the mail modules a while with sucess. Primary as a local network Mailstore. But now i by a used Print/Copy/fax maschine a HP CM6040mf …
This maschine had a A3 Scanner unit with ADF and this monster had a nice price too :wink:
To use the Scanner Unit or Fax functition i need a Mailadress and a internal Mailserver. It will send Emails when it is ready :-), so perfect for my own mailer system.

But it is sad i need a uncryted mail transport from the Printer to my mailserver (last updates installed on the printer …).

It is possibel to aceppt a internal mail uncryted from one IP ?

can be nice for other old stuff to :slight_smile:

Firsts thing first: update the firmware of the old lorry. (the MFP)
(the second link is a readme file)
I assume that at least old SSL cyphers should be supported

If the firmware update fails, … read the manual :wink:

Option two: relaying
I’d try to allow relay from the ip address, but remember: this hole will permain until the setting will be put on, so if during night hours someone break in, unplug the lorry, plug it back with the same ip address but with a different device which spam all over the world… nethServer will honor the setting.

Option three consider to change TLS policy. is strongly suggest you to don’t do that.
You can lower/apply the latest 2018 TLS policy, may help the connectivity.

So think twice, but update first!

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I will try it. or i had to setup a small smtp server for locals

did you try it ?

The small SMTP server might be a whole lot of hell… Specially if it’s exposed, may prone to become a Open Relay. Which is not good at all.

Did I try… what?

no will be only internal smtp :slight_smile:
did you try a CM6040/6030

Sorry for late answer…
I helped setup one 10 years ago.