nDPI updates from testing repository

Hi guys,
Any one can explain why we have different labels in test and online repo?
You guy just using capitols letter or no what is the purpose if we are testers?
Second question why not provide latest fingerprints when we go a update to the module???

This is very professional future for the admins but if we not upgrading is or us just for personal purpose where is the point

Sorry I don’t understand your questions. Could you make some examples?

Hi there and sorry for the late answer

DPI module is a good example.
Why different labels in official module and why different one in test repo? ( example http in oficial repo and HTTP in test one )
If you set some roles in your firewall this is creating a mess during updates.
Also DPI module don’t have updated fingerprints. Why if we have already better set in test repo?

Sorry this is just a digression but sometimes a little kick can help :slight_smile:

Can you paste here the exact packages versions we’re talking about?

rpm -qa | grep nethserver | sort

I mean official updates and repo=nethserver-testing with dpi module provide different naming patterns
In official updates ndpi module have naming for the protocols small letter then in testing repo have capital letters.
I have many roles in my traffic shaping tab
when install ndpi module from testing repo need go through and setup all of them again because firewall don’t recognize the roles
also testing repo have mach more fingerprints for the protocols

Please, answer to the questions Davide made you, thank you

You’ve got it, this is why the package is in testing: because it caused regressions and needs a lot of work.
We tried to include it in NS 7.5, but we failed because too many changes are needed.

Probably, the new DPI will be available in the upcoming months with a manual upgrade path.

Thank you for fast answer
Hope we will enjoy soon all the new protocols discovered

My mist type :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for fast answer
Hope we will enjoy soon all the new protocols discovered

But thank you all for great pace of software
I’m dealing with SMB customers and from last few months NS is my only recommendation