NC21 Update: duplicates my data

Quick Info, because no time to analyze.
After the update, my Sync-Client duplicates my local directory structure. On my server I use Samba/External Storage.

I only want to inform quickly. A quick suspicion: the affected folders have umlauts in their names.

Sincerely, MArko
ps.: Correction:not only the local folders are duplicated, also on server side

Hi Marko,

Is this something for the @support_team needs to look into for you? Can you provide any more detaisl on this issue? I’m waiting to update our Nextcloud but will hold off if your issue needs more investigation.

Thank you.

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cc @nrauso @giacomo

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Thank you for your audience.
I have analyzed the problem and summarize:

Some weeks ago I changed my account provider from LDAP to AD. During the migration, I exported all accounts and imported them again. After that, with NC 20, everything ran completely smoothly, including desktop client on multiple machines and mobile clients.

After migrating to NC21, I suddenly had my directories, all based on External Storage / SAMBA, with the same name but duplicated with a name suffix

  • Directory name
  • Directory name (2)

What at first appeared to be a duplication of directories was in fact a duplication of my user, with identical credentials but different ID. One ID came from AD, the second from NC itself. So I had users with the same name - an AD user accessing the external storage and an NC user who suddenly had all the data from the external storage duplicated in his NC directory.

I can’t say for sure when this duplication of the user occurred, maybe during the migration of the account provider?
The only thing that remains unclear is why the duplication of data in the NC user’s account did not occur sooner then.

How did I clean up the situation?

  1. removed user from the desktop client and thus stopped synchronization
  2. deleted the NC user in NC, and with it the duplicate files
  3. set up synchro again

Everything is working fine again.

Sincerley, Marko