MySQL new Version needed

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: mysqld
I still in the migration process.
Now I found that the old mysql Version 5.5.60 is giving me problems. the version on my old machine was 5.7.24 and I need that version, because I use subqueries with select, that the 5.5 is not supporting.
Since I realize that there is a concept behind NethServer I don’t want to manually update and maybe destroy something.
So: is there a valid way to update mysql?

In another thread somebody asked for a newer version of SQL and Stephane answered that he can install the software collection for SQL but it’s not secure.
Perhaps @stephdl could tell us something more about it.

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The reply in that other thread is a bit vague…
I tried to install mysql-server 8.0:

yum localinstall
yum install mysql-community-server

But I get a dependency error:

Error: Package: nethserver-mysql-1.1.4-1.ns7.noarch (@nethserver-base)
           Requires: mariadb-server
           Removing: 1:mariadb-server-5.5.60-1.el7_5.x86_64 (@base)
               mariadb-server = 1:5.5.60-1.el7_5
           Obsoleted By: mysql-community-server-8.0.13-1.el7.x86_64 (mysql80-community)

I don’t want to destroy the nethserver environment by manually removing mariadb, I don’t know the consequences.

What can I do to install a newer Mysql Version? I would like to us Mysql instead Mariadb, because it is the original and I get new features faster than with mariadb.


In the wiki you’ll find a couple mariadb 10.x versions as a modules made by @stephdl. I think they’re from Software Collections repo, so shouldn’t collide with the default.

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Are you trolling :smiley:

The majority of Linux distro have switched to mariaDB since a really long time

If really you want to use mysql, then I suppose that you could install them on your own

Software Collections — Software Collections

I might be old as a Troll, but I don’t try to be one.
It’s just I’ve always used MySql and I need the new features, the MariaDB that is supplied with nethserver is just to old…
No I Installed mysql using your link to softwarecollection and it worked, thank you!


OK I installed MySQL, but Mariadb is still there and active.
Since I don’t want to destroy the installaion, how do I make MySQL the default SQL?
/usr/libexec/mysqld is the Mariadb damon.
I would stay with mariadb, but I would need the current version, like MariaDB 10.3 Series because only that support 5.6 and 5.7 of the engine…

The software collection install a new version beside the old one, the old one is still installed and active. The new version must use a different tcp port or linux socket.

You should look after some documentation on internet or install one of the two rpm I did for mariadb.