My web filter does not recognize the groups of AD windows 2008. Always use default

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: web filter

I have my server attached to my AD windows 2008r2, in the groups and users module it shows me all the users and groups of my microfoft domain, but at the time of executing the web filters, the default filter always applies. I changed the order of the filters but nothing. My proxy is not transparent. Someone can help me (sorry for my basic English). Thank you

Maybe Proxy read the primary group?

Thanks for answering. It may be that you are taking the first group only that are domain users. How can i solve this problem?

If I ask for information about the user, it shows me the following:

[root@netserver ~]# id Prueba2
uid=794601122(prueba2@rivalta.local) gid=794600513(usuarios del dominio@rivalta.local) groups=794600513(usuarios del dominio@rivalta.local),794601126(a_conint@rivalta.local),794600512(admins. del dominio@rivalta.local),794600572(grupo de replicaci├│n de contrase├▒a rodc denegada@rivalta.local)