My personal experience on Nethserver since 2016

I came over in 2015 / 2016 from Zentyal. The reason was, that Zentyal removed lots of modules during Version change from 3.2 to 3.5 / 4.x. Besides the fact that I prefer Ubuntu based systems (I feel more comfortable due to it perfect Germen support wiki @, I am really satisfied with Nethserver.

  • it is extremely stable (much more than Zentyal ever was)
  • it offers all the functionality I need for a SOHO environment (and much more)
  • it is well documented, even with my limited (mostly Ubuntu-related) know how I can do quite a lot
  • the forum people are very well interlinked
  • the ambassador concept is unbelievable - I am even in personal contact with @Marcus and @Andy - both help me a lot
  • the personal involvement of @Alessio in noticing what people herein do or post is incredible. What you do is very similar to the so-called Marte Meo concept. This concept is originally a child-rearing method intended to give positive feedback on desirable behavior. However, the concept is not child-directed but it is focused on the behavior of the parents. It enforces the parents to notice what their kids do.
    In my experience as a line executive, this concepts works perfectly in a work-environment, too. It enforces the manager to notice, recognize and valuate the work of their co-workers. I wish I would have more people like @Alessio as a manager in my company ! :slight_smile:

Best regards


Thank you man and thanks for sharing your story.

I’m just reading the “Marte Meo concept” it sounds interesting.

ahaha I don’t know if you really want an Alessio in your company :slight_smile:
You can start to make your company more like a community right now. Just mimicking some of our behaviors here :slight_smile: Don’t give up, revolutions come from the bottom.