My Nethserver7 migration experience to NS8 and Nsec8

Hello everyone,
I migrared rom ns7 to ns8+nethsec8 on my homelab last week.

ns7 consists of firewall+ips+fail2ban+openvpnrw+threat shield ip+dns for the firewall part.
Samba Ad+file server+nextcloud for the server part.
The migration is carried out in the local network.
First try: ns7 to ns8 migration the process crashes on nextcloud.
I try three times, both with the image for proxmox and with clean installation on Rocky9.3.
There are long waits and connection errors. I do not understand.

I decide to try the opposite route, I do the nethsec migration first.
Everything is ok, except for a small problem with openvpn which has already been solved.
I disable all firewall services on ns7 and uninstall the packages.
Changed ip on ns7 and fixed DNS on nethsec.
I try the ns8 migration again, now it works and it goes quite fast.
I manage to conclude and find the three migrated services.
I then had to configure the reverse proxy on nethsec to expose nextcloud.
Some other fine tuning on nethsec, and upgrade, upgrade,upgrade.
I hadn’t made a dedicated domain name for nextcloud on ns7 before.
I had to assign a third level domain name dedicated to nextcloud and reconfigure the clients. Not a problem.

The rest went smoothly. The file server and samba ad run out of the box.
Dns records migrated to nethsec worked fine.
I had to re-set shares access permissions again on ns8 because some subfolders were read-only. Don’t know why.

The server load on the nethsec server is very low. Truly performing.

The server load for ns8 has increased as excepted, but everything works fine.

This is the story of how I did it.


Sounds great! Thanks for sharing
Just edited the post, if you don’t mind

Thank you for sharing Andrea!
Your migration path could become a best practice when migrating a machine with NS7. :thinking: