My friends from the Accessible World want to play with Nethserver

No reason to be ashamed!!! :wink:
Every handicap is different and needs to be traded separately…! This makes it so difficult to make something really accessible for everyone…! I only know what is are the difficulties for me personally - but even I have sometimes problems to imagine what a blind or a deaf person struggles with…! However, since I founded the network Chronically Academic (, I know some people with other handicaps and I get feedback, i.e., on that website… but as I said, I am also not aware of every problem which disabled people might have…!

Great!!! :wink: That is also exactly my attitude! :wink:

For me personally, only this community platform is sometimes a bit difficult to access (as described in a previous post) - Nethserver itself is pretty great for me to access…!! :wink:
However, this is only for me and my specific handicap…
For people who have a visual impairment, the GUI should definitely be make more accessible (which is now a separated topic Server manager accessibility improvements) and there are certainly other handicaps for which one has to adapt other things…! Hence, lot of testing is required and lot of work…! :wink:
But all together, we will make Nethserver more and more accessible‚Ķ! certainly not perfect for everyone but at least ‚Äúaccessible‚ÄĚ! :slight_smile:


Bumping this important topic.
I was looking for this topic at other projects pages and found this link in the Moodle documentation section:

We could adopt some (or all?) of the suggestions.