My fileshare are only visible when CUPS is installed?

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.8.2003 (final)

It is more a question than a request of support to know if someones else have the same behaviour.
So I install 2 Nethserver, one in prod and one for testing
On both I installed Samba-DC and on both, if I don’t install CUPS I don’t see them when I browse my network. But as soon I install CUPS they appear.

My workstation is an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, without CUPS I could reach the server by using gigolo but it’s nice to simply navigate with the file browser and see the server, it is also useful for less techi user.

So my question is do you have the same result ?
If you stop CUPS, or better, uninstall it, does your Nethserver still available in your network hood ?

Does your NethServer (not the DC container) do DHCP server for the subnet?
Which DNS server is relayed?

@pike the Samba-DC Nethserver act as DHCP server and so provide the DNS to my client (workstation).

@ dev team: may CUPS interact with the Browser Master setting for Samba?

CUPS is integratef inside samba but it’s not a requirement for it. AFAIK nobody reported such behavior

Don’t take that for granted… But i am going install a new NethServer in the future, so i’ll waste some time and CPU to try to replicate.

I understand this sound like an obvious issue and if nobody reported it before, specially after few years of production I also have a doubt but…

my hint is avahi seems only being active and installed with cups.

nethserver-avahi, nethserver-cups

with CUPS installed

as soon I remove CUPS, Neth desappear

Then as soon I reinstall CUPS, NETH reappear :stuck_out_tongue:

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Indeed it is, because you’re talking about the discovery of network resources: I didn’t get it.
Without avahi, you can still access all shares directly from the the file manager using: smb://<your_server.

Avahi just announces the list of available services to clients. It’s not a requirement, but can be useful in some situations.

Is an option to allow avahi installation since file server?

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You already can:

yum install nethserver-avahi