My emails finish in SPAM only with google

I have applied this, but Google doesn’t works.
DKIM fail with domain ‘nsdomain.ext’

My emails finish in SPAM only with google… anyone know how i have to do?

Solved… i haven’t enabled “Disclaimer” option.

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But mail finish always in SPAM only for google. How can I do?

I often faced with this problem with mails from google and yahoo email accounts.
Some IPs of the two email providers are in black lists and my UTM consider that are spam and block them. I must put and in white list.
Please check the sender IP with MXToolbox against black lists to see if this is the cause.

Other cause could be the threshold of SPAM, which is too low. Increase slightly the threshold.

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I have check blacklist and it is all ok. I have check mail reputation and it is 10/10 on
DKIM, SPF, DMARC are now ok.

I forgot to ask: where the emails goes to SPAM?

  1. On NS email server (are blocked in SPAM)?
  2. On desktop client (TB, Outlook, …)?
  3. On webmail (WebTop, SOGo, …)?

Email sent from my server finish in gmail spam.

Please have a look at the following link. It describes how addresses come in googles blacklist and how to get out.

There isn’t any link

Now mail works… probably thanks to DKIM e DMARC that I have added and ticket opened with google postmaster tool.


Sorry you’re right. I added it now.