My console toolbox for NethServer

(Michael Kicks) #1

My further installation of NethServer will include this set of tools for the console:

  • mc don’t ask why, it’s always useful
  • screen I desperately need to learn how it works and how use it but… This could be the lifesaver into upgrade/update processes
  • links/elinks you never know how hard it will be to surf the web, if you mess up the network configuration. Sometimes from console is better than nothing.
  • nano is the acronym of “i am too n00b to use VIM”. Which is far more powerful, i know, but i don’t write code or scripts on console (yet)
  • alpine i still don’t know how to use it, but a console email client can be a gamechanger for tests… Because it’s faster and lighter than the webmails

Anyone want to give contribution?

(Dan) #2

I use tmux instead of screen–first started using the tool on FreeBSD. mutt for email. But definitely nano for a text editor–if I actually need advanced editor features, I’m going to be doing the work locally, not ssh’d into my Neth box.