MX Mailserver Setup using Nethserver


  1. I would like to set up a MX server. Is this possible using Nethserver?
    Has anybody done that up to know?

  2. I host my primary server at home, I would prefer an external VServer somewhere in the world. Recently I read an article in Germans c`t paper, most promissing provider simes to be 1und1 (.de … .fr …).
    Any recommendations /alternatives about that? Most import: low price, preferably by data volume - best case: if there is no server failure on my end - no costs for me :slight_smile:


Hi Thorsten,
don’t know if it helps but please have a look here:

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As @m.traeumner said you can look at that post, I’ve a working relay mail server on Nethserver 7.
Should you need any help, please ask.

I run my own mailserver on NS on a VPS (
USe a CentOS7 image, then add the NethServer repository and install NethServer on top of CentOS.
I chose to use Samba4 AD account provider. In order to do this, you need to create a 2nd network interface. Find the howto in these forums for a “dummy” interface on how you add a 2nd interface on a Contabo VPS.
Next update the server and add the mailserver module.
It is more or less following the NS admin documentation
To make the mailserver work you need to register your own domain and at the dns settings for your domain, add an MX record that points to the IP address of your VPS.
To make things safe(er), I advice to implement DKIM and SPF so your mailserver stays off all kinds of blaklists…