MultiWan Config - Creepy stuff happens

A very curious thing is happening to my nethserver box (Alix APU2 4G RAM 64G SSD CPU 4 core): My multiwan configuration works fine, if I turn off the "Main" router, the system switch to the MKT router regularly, when I restart then Main router the MKT come back to his waiting for requests status…

The unusual fact is that, as you can see from the attached image, with a certain regularity, everything goes offline and then comes back online. Then offline again and soon after online, and so on! Obviously I planned a secondary monitor for connectivity, placed between the router and the server to prevent the fact that there was actually a problem with the internet, but nothing, the line is as stable as a rock, both the main on the Main router and the secondary on the MKT router. What is going on?

would you please provide a screenshot on multiwan settings?
Also, which ip address is used for ping on your WAN interfaces?

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I had issues pinging Google’s DNS.
If your connection has a static public ip, consider to change the check ip to the next hop of your trace table.
Or take a chance on Cloudflare DNS option (

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@al-cresio I suggest you to use these IP addresses, in your config, as the default. If the first doesn’t answer, NethServer will try with the second.

Why you have modified the other values? Your connection is not stable?


Yes, with opendns DNS IP with Google DNS IP toghether seems works properly! :slight_smile: Tnx!