Multisite AD - user database copy

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)
Module: activedirectory
I´ve got 2 server running with Nethserver, one at home and the second hosted in the cloud.
When setting up the cloud one as AD DC, joining with the homeserver (over openvpn), everything is working perfect.
Disconnecting the VPN and the home-server loses all listed users.
Is there a way to run a copy of the user-database on the homeserver (when internet is down…)?

AFAIK this scenario has not ever been considered, suggested or endorsed.
Therefore, IMO… answer cannot be positive.

I would endorse a steady internet connection, but since on the countryside it´s a bit wacky.
Not beeing able to reach the network shares/profile folders on the home-server, just because
cloud-server isn´t reachable for the user database is a bit annoying…
Maybe having the user-database cached localy, not running a full copy could work.